How To Make More Than Thousands of folder Using Notepad Within One Click

Now we are showing one of  interesting tricks that will help you to creating more than thousand of folder in desktop using notepad within one click. We will give you simple code and you want to put than on notepad. Then it save on new folder.

You just put this on your friend system and make them as fool. Because if they seen much of folder in their system they will think it is virus or loading something wrong . This trick is based on notepad and also everyone can test this on their system on their own risk.


1. Open Notepad

Use notepad while if you are testing this tricks in your system. because notepad is so simple and easy to use

2. Copy the following code

@echo off
md %random%
goto top

3. save it

Save file with “.bat“extention. Done You can see some magic on your system
Posted it has Educational Purpose only.

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