How to Remove Shortcut Arrow from Desktop Icons In Windows 10

We know when you create a shortcut to an application or any file or if an application’s installer automatically places a shortcut on your desktop and icon as a shortcut by placing a small arrow in the lower-left corner. If you are not happy to see the shortcut overlay icon, you can get rid of it completely. Removing Windows Shortcut arrow icon from your system is simple and anyone can able to remove it.

There are lots of ways to remove arrow shortcut from from your desktop.If you are not familiar with the Windows Registry, then we can use third party software , name called Ultimate Windows Tweaker. It is one of the best is Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10. It also happens to be free and it’s a portable tool. Just download and run it, and start tweaking. We don’t need to install it.

First download Ultimate Windows Tweaker by clicking below link and will redirect into official website of Ultimate Windows Tweaker.


How To Do ?

To remove arrows shortcut icons with Ultimate Windows Tweaker, choose the “Customization” section on the left, click the “File Explorer” tab, and then click “Remove Shortcut Arrows From Shortcut Icons.” To put them back, follow the same process. The button will now be named “Restore Shortcut Arrows To Shortcut Icons.”

Open=> Customization=>File Explorer=>Remove Shortcut Arrows From Shortcut Icons

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