How To Reset Forgot Windows Password In Seconds

Windows is one of the most powerful operating system in the world and we know we all are protecting system using secured password. If it forgot then what we will do ? Here we gave you one of the best solution for reset you windows password within minute. Anyone one can do it . So you can set password without reinstalling your windows operating system.

KON-BOOT is solution for reseting your windows password. it is world’s best remedy for forgotten passwords. KON-BOOT also support Mac. but here we gave you solution for “How to Reset Forgot Windows Password in Seconds”. So Lets start to read tutorial of Reset your windows password in minute.

How To Do ?

1. Download the Kon-Boot

First you need to Download the Kon-Boot file by clicking below link and extract it to get the ISO file.

Download Kon-Boot

2. Burn the ISO file to a Disc

After extracting file then you will get ISO file. So you need to burn this into new disc to create a bootable Kon-Boot disc. if you don’t know How to burn then refer google or somewhere else.

3. Change the boot sequence

You need to change boot sequence in the BIOS to boot from CD/DVD. After that insert disc and restart your system.

4. Insert Disc Into Drive

Insert Kon-Boot disc into your CD or DVD drive and restart your PC. In a few seconds you will see the screen of Kon-Boot

5. Run Kon-Boot

If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 then you will see the Windows 8 or 8.1 login screen with a password prompt. Just press “Enter” key or click the arrow on the screen to bypass the login.

6. Reset Your Password

Actually now we are logged in. So now you can able to reset password. so we done it…If you feel any doubt please ask us. If you failed to reset then restart your PC and try once more. Thank you for reading.

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