High Yield Investment Program(HYIP) is Trusted Or Not ?

HYIP or High Yield Investment Program is scam. i am sure HYIP is 100% scam. Because nobody can give return like this. As my experience i want to say something to you  related to online investment program. Because my existing blog visitors know this website “sakkeem.com” , mostly promoted bitcoin and investment program reviews.

As my experience one again I am telling you its 100% fake and you will loss money if you invested in HYIP program. If you invested money in HYIP once in your life then you don’t need read it . Because your loss experience is nothing on my article.

Why People Investing Money On HYIP ?

Its simple  people want double their money with short period like two week or month.  Most of investment program they giving daily return up to 20%. So Investor will calculate if they invest $100 then they will get $200 with in 10 days. This mind of investor leads to huge loss.

Just I forget to say something. You Know “How HYIP Program making Us Trust among their website ?” its simple. Most of investors have doubt related to if they are paying or not . So first they deposit small amount and test if they are paying or not. But Investors are happy because they will get return.

Its is trick of HYIP because if they paid properly first two days then investors trust them and make huge investment.  Suddenly they will ban your account and stole your money or pay first two or three days and stop paying.

The Simple Concept To Understand HYIP Is Scam ?

We know every bank giving interest to investor up to 6% per annum. But HYIP program giving daily up to 20%. See simple Example :

Investment Plan : Daily 5% Interest

Minimum Deposit : $100

Then How many days will take first profit : 21st Day.

First 20 Days : HYIP paying My Own Money

Here first 20 days they are paid our own money and we will get first profit after 20th day. So chance of getting profit 0%. Because they will close website in 10th or 11th day. If they run more than 20 days they rolling money other investor who join and investing newly.

Any investment company never give daily return like 1% to 20%. Because it is not profitable. Even school student also know it is not possible.

So stay away from High Yield Investment Program(HYIP) . Don’t invest money on  Any kind of online investment program that loss your money. I am sure 100% HYIP is Fake , spam and scam.


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