How To Extract Text From Image With In Minute

How to possible to extract text from image with in minute ? is it possible ?  Yes it is possible. Now we are showing one of the best solution to extract text from images file using one website. So you don’t want to waste time to re-writing it again. We are using a fast online converter which is very easy to use, so just follow our tutorial for How to easily convert file.

How To Do ?

Follow our step by step procedure for “How To Extract Text From Image With In Minute

1. Open

This is the website we are using to convert text from images. So first you want to open .

2. Upload Image File

upload file that you want extract text from image. Here are showing sample file that we want to extract text.

This is the sample image that we are going to extract text. So upload this image file into (image file size should not exceed 5mb)

3. Select Language And Output format

This is important step, here you need to select language of our file then choose which format of output we want like word, excel or plain text. Anyone of it you can select from there.

4. Solve captcha and Click Convert

After choosing language and output format then fill the captcha and click convert button. Wait few second or minute. it will convert into text file.

5. Get Result

Done… Our image file converted into text file. just scroll down your page and you can see converted text file in one box. Look Like below

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