Bit.Ac Exchange Any Cryptocurrency Instantly And Easily is the one of the best secured and trusted cryptocurrency exchanging platform that allowing us to exchange one cryptocurrency to another one.Like Bitcoin to Litecoin or Litecoin to Dogecoin or Dogecoin to Bitcoin etc…We know there are lots of cryptocurrency exchange available in the market,but most of them are charging high fee for exchanging currencies or they following complicated verification process.But providing you to complete freedom on your we can manage our account with lot currencies as a multi wallet. is new cryptocurrency exchanging website,so now they are managing up to 15 currencies.But that is most commonly used currencies.We know there are lot of digital currencies in the market.but half of them are worthless or most of trading company delisting worthless currencies.Each of days new currencies coming to market,but now focused on most commonly used cryptocurrency in the world.

Some Facts About Bit.Ac

  • Highly Secured “HTTPS” Website.
  • Currenty Accepting 15 Cryptocurrencies.(soon they will rise).
  • There is No Difficult Verification Process(Email only).
  • Transaction Fee is Only 0.15%.
  • Instant Account Verification.
  • 50% Commission on Transaction Fee.
  • Two Factor Authentication giving Additional Security
  • Use As Multi wallet.
  • Instant Deposit,Exchange And Withdrawal.
  • Android Application is available.

We missed to say something,DO YOU KNOW..? There are lot website now availble in the market but most of them doesn’t provide mobile application,but you don’t worry giving android application with good interface that will help you to do transaction through your mobile.

How to Exchange Currency From Bit.Ac ?

1. Register In by clicking Below

Register Now
First you need to register in before starting exchanging between currencies.

2. Login Your Bit.Ac account

3. Click On My Wallet

Click On “Create New Wallet
(Create your wallet based on what currency you need to exchange.If you want to exchange BTC TO LTC , create bitcoin wallet )

4. Deposit Bitcoin to your wallet

Deposit some bits of bitcoin to your wallet for exchanging between currencies

5. Click On “Exchange Button”

After clicking exchange button,you can see cryptocurrency list that you need to exchange.So here we are exchanging BTC to LTC

6. Put amount that you desired to Exchange

Click on “Next” Button

7. Confirm Your Transaction

Done…Its Automatically Redirect into Wallet,Then you can see exchanged balance at here

Everything is fine perfectly. So exchange your any cryptocurrency from here easily and quickly. if you feel any doubt Please ask us.. we will clear your doubt.

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