YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

We know most of people spend  their time on YouTube for watching videos whether for learning purpose or watching fun or news or movies. Because we will get any kind of information from youtube as video format. As per news, people watch 1 billion hours daily on YouTube. In this post, we are listing lots YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Learn these to make your YouTube experience much better than others.

Note this point  Most of these shortcuts will only work when the YouTube player is in focus. If you are navigating other parts of the video page, then these shortcuts will not work. You can click on the YouTube player to gain back focus. Lets start know youtube shortcut

See List Of Youtube Shortcut

Shortcut Description
 Space Bar Pause/Play video (player focus required)
 0 or Home key Restart the video
 ESC Key  Leave full screen mode
 End key  Skip to the End
 Ctrl + →  Move to next video (only in playlist)
 Ctrl + ←  Move to previous video (only in playlist)
 Left Arrow  Go back 5 seconds
 J Key  Go back 10 seconds
 Right arrow  Go forward 5 seconds
 I Key  Go forward 10 seconds
 Shift + P  Play previously played video
 Shift + N  Play next video in Recommendation/Playlist
 >  Key  Increase play speed
 <  Key  Decrease play speed
 M Key  Mute on/off
 C Key  Turn captions on/off
 F Key  Go to Full Screen mode
 B Key  Change CC Background color
 1…..9  Jump to 10% to 90% of the video
 , (comma)  Move backward 1 frame when video is paused
 . (dot)  Move forward 1 frame when video is paused


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