4 Steps To Merge Two Facebook Pages

If you having more than one Facebook Page for your business or your content promotion that creates confusion for your online audience then what we will do ? If it similar page then Just merge both of your facebook page into one. Here we are showing how to merge facebook page with simply and easily.

Facebook allows users to merge two Facebook pages. So, you can merge a page into other and the first one will get additional likes of the second page. So merging  both pages will reduce your workload and everything comes in one section. You must be the admin of both pages you want to merge to make a single page

Here we are showing simple steps for merging your facebook pages into one. So read it and if you want to merge your page then follow our steps.

4 Steps To Merge Facebook Pages

1. Open Facebook Merging Page

First you need to open facebook merging page facebook.com/pages/merge. It will ask your Facebook password for security reasons. So enter password and click “Continue”

2. Select 2 Pages

You need to select 2 pages that you want to merge. Then Click “continue ”

3. Select the page you want to keep and click Keep page

4. Click on Request Merge

Done.. We requested for merging facebook page. Facebook will take few days to process and approve the merge process. And note the point If Facebook finds that pages are not similar, you may lose both pages and for more read their term and conditions for merging pages.

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