5 Best Ways To Find CMS And Platform Used by A Website

Do you want to know what CMS (Content Management System) a site is using ?  Here we are showing best tools that will help you to understand CMS Using by any website. This tool will scan the source code, analyzes the framework and finally shows the results then you can understand what CMS they are using. A content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site. There are lots of CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal etc… Here are 6 best web tools to find out technologies used by a website

1. Onlinewebtool (CMS Detector)

Online Webtools is one of the best CMS detector that can able to find out the Content Management System used by a website or Framework used by a site. If you instantly need to check CMS used by website just visit below link and enter website and know CMS

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2. Guess.scritch.org

This tool will analyze websites and attempt to detect the platform, language, framework and other technologies used for any website. No plugins or extensions required and works with any browser.

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3. WhatCMS

WhatCMS is another place to find out what CMS a site is using. WhatCMS.org can currently detect the use of the following 164 different CMS applications and services.

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4. W3Techs

W3Techs is a free online web tool to find out the detailed information about the website and the technologies used in website. You just enter the website address in URL box and click enter. It will scan and show detailed information of the website.

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5. Builtwith

Here you can not only find the CMS of a website but also a lot of information about the website. Builtwith is one of the best tools in the market to know what CMS a website using. Just enter website name there and know CMS used in website.

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