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The video creation is always a big problem who don’t have much knowledge in this field. So we need to be a master in this field. We know now a days there is a lot software and online tools available to make own illustrative videos. If you are looking for an extraordinary tool to create videos then use mysimpleshow they give us much of tools to make our illustrative videos so awesome.

4 steps For Your own explainer videos

1. Draft : First Select a storyline template for your topic or upload your PowerPoint file. it suggest you best storyline based on some question.

2. Write : Here lots of example available so Use their practical advice and best practice examples to write the perfect script.

3. Visualize  : Their Explainer Engine automatically generates a Storyboard for you to fine-tune.

4. Finalize : When you done everything then Select your video speed and a voice-over, and publish your finished clip on YouTube or any other streaming website.

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Creating My First Video With Mysimplehow

1. Create Account In Mysimplehow

First you need to create account in Mysimplehow and activate it. Then login your account with username and password then click ‘Create New Video’ option.

2. Upload Powerpoint file or Write Script

Here You can either upload the PowerPoint file or write own your script. now , we have select ‘Write your own Script’ option. Note : its your choice

3. Select Storyline

After Selecting ‘Write your own Script’ then you need to select storyline according to your script. Here lots of storyline. Select one among here

4. Write Your Script

Now, you have to enter the desired script for your video. Fill in the details all the all box shown at here

5. Click On ‘Choose Visuals’ option below

6. Choose proper Picture or Images

After clicking “choose visuals” then mysimpleshow’s Explainer Engine will suggest you the proper pictures according to your script. If you have your own images then you can upload it here.

7. click on the ‘Choose Audio’ option below

8. Upload Audio Or record Audio

You can select the voice over from mysimpleshow’s interface or upload it from you pc.

9. Finalize Video

Click on finalize video

10. Congratulation your video is Ready

Congratulations, your video will be ready in a few minutes and They will notify you via mail. So create much video using Mysimplehow and upload into youtube or anywhere

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So Start now for creating your first awesome video using Mysimplehow


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