How To Find WiFi Password Of All Network

Here we shown “How To Find Saved WiFi Password of All Network Using CMD” its simple and everyone easily find it using lots of method. But here we are using “Command Prompt” for finding saved password of Wifi in our system or someone else. Sometime we unable to access wifi network in house because of password created. So its easy way to find password from anyone’s PC who know password of Wifi Network by using CMD. Follow our simple steps to find saved password of Wifi Network.

1. Open Command Prompt

First you need Run command Prompt as administrator or Click “Windows Key+ X

2. Enter Below Command

After opening it then you need to enter below command in cmd for showing all saved wifi profiles in in our system.

netsh wlan show profile

3. Now List of WiFi Profile will Shown

This command will list out all the WiFi profiles that your Laptop has ever connected to.

From the above list, I want to find out the password of “Sakkeem”   So Type the following command to see the password of “Sakkeem”

4. Enter Below Command

Enter this command in cmd for getting password of “Sakkeem”

netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear

Note: change “WiFi Name to Sakkeem” like below

netsh wlan show profile Sakkeem key=clear

5. Done Password Got it

After entering command in cmd then you will get result like below. There you can see password. Check our screenshot below

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