How To Make Own Bitcoin And Altcoin Faucet Full Tutorial

Bitcoin faucet is the best way to make a money from online. Now We are going to teach you (A to Z) about “How to successfully Run Own bitcoin faucet Website”. That means Buying Domain to activating your Faucet Website. We can run Faucet with several cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Darkcoin and Primecoin and Ethereum also

What is the benefit of Running own Bitcoin Faucet Website?

1.  Earn genuine Income through Advertising

2. Promote Your Affiliate link Because it will Generate Good Money

3. Best For Bitcoin related Website

4. Make a money Through Captcha Solving

Lets Start to read our procedure for making bitcoin faucet with Faucethub by using Faucetbox script and if have any problem while doing it then don’t hesitate to contact us

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Procedure For Making Own Faucet Using Faucethub (Faucetbox Script)

1. Buy Domain And Hosting

First you Need to buy good domain name and hosting for making bitcoin faucet.if you have domain and hosting skip this stage. otherwise buy it from by clicking below link.

Domain & Hosting

Setup Name Server and save it. Ok Domain and Hosting Is Ready (Some time changing name server will take upto 24 Hours)


Goto “” and download faucetbox script from there.If you didn’t find faucet script click on below direct link of faucetinabox.

Faucet Script

Save Script In desktop.Then We Need to upload Faucetbox script into our hosting

3. Login Cpanel Account

a)Login Cpanel then you can see lot of settings. but We need to upload downloaded faucet script. So Open

File Manager->Public_html->Upload

b)Extract Script Here. After extracting We can see lot of Select All file and Move into “Public_html” or put into new folder Fine…

4. Create MySQL Database, User Name And Password

Open Cpanel Again In new Tab Click on Following Path for creating Database name ,password and user. Open Cpanel-> MySQL® Database Wizard Create “DATABASE NAME” first, Then Click On “Next

Create USER NAME & PASSWORD Click On “Create User” Its Important step.Before Clicking “Next Step” We need copy All detail into “Notepad or word”.

Then “Create User” after that Click On “ALL PRIVILEGES” Then save it. We created Database,User And Password

5. Edit Config.php

Go to  So Open File Manager->Public_html->Config.php

Then enter “DATABASE NAME” , “USER” , “PASSWORD” that we created previous. Then “Save It

6. Open Your Website

Then you can see home pages of faucetinabox of your website.from there you will get password for login to your admin account.copy that password and keep it secure your system

a) Copy Password

a) Click to continue

b)It will Ask you to login account. put password that you previously copied then click login your account.then you can see several option that we need to setup.

Here We mainly need to Select “Service” And Put “Service API KEY” And enter Captcha for proper working of faucet. So First Find API KEY

7. Add FaucetHub API KEY

Faucetbox,epay and paytoshi disabled their api function. So we select “FaucetHub” for Choosing API Key.

a)Open New tab then open and register now. Click On below link for registering FaucetHub


b)After registering…login FaucetHub account

8. Create A Faucet For Getting API

User-> Faucet Manager-> Your Faucet-> Create New Faucet

After Clicking “Add Faucet” Then new page will display. There you can see option for “SHOW API KEY

Click On It

Just Copy API Key And Paste into any test document and scroll down above page because you need to choose currency and enter webpage link etc.. after entering it click on “UPDATE

9. Copy API KEY And Paste Into Admin Page(Website)

Just copy API key and paste into our website admin page that we shown below

After that scroll down page fill some basic information like website heading, currency, timer etc.. after that click on “Save Changes”

10. Fill Captcha Details

In admin menu Bar you can see “Captcha” We need to create any one of captcha for running Faucet. so i suggest to use solvemedia because that will generate additional income from your website.that means you will get money for each captcha completing by user.

  • Turn on this captcha system then only captcha box will active
  • Click On Get your key(open In New Tab)
  • Then register on Solvemedia
  • Add your website to solvemedia
  • after that you will get key from there and paste each each to here and save it.

Everything Done. So Next you need to deposit some bitcoin for running bitcoin faucet. Minimum Deposit 0.001 BTC

11. Deposit Some Bits

Login your FaucetHub Website and follow Below Link For depositing

User-> Faucet Manager-> Wallet-> Bitcoin

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Then “Generate Bitcoin Address” Then deposit some bits (Minimum 0.001 BTC). Everything Done … Then Create Now you First Bitcoin Faucet.


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