BTCChina to Stop All Cryptocurrency Trading on September 30

We everyone seen news  that “China’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange(BTCChina) Going  Stop  All Trading On September 30” They announced it in their official twitter page . This News lead to bulk sale in cryptocurrency market and Major Currencies like Bitcoin  And Ethereum crashed  more than 10% in last few hours .

The international value of Bitcoin has fallen in recent days from its highest price of $ 5000 amid speculation that the Chinese Govt  will shut down the trading platforms following last week’s ban on initial coin offerings(ICO).

%Change Last 24 hour

But Our question is something else .

Is China Only country That deals  Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading ?

Simple Answer : No.  Peoples from more than 150 countries that deals bitcoin and altcoin trading. So we don’t need fear about announcement from one country.  We know few month back BTC-e closed that lead bitcoin price fallen . But after few days the bitcoin price raised. So We are sure this sudden down will overcome within week or month

So closing one exchange or banning Crytocurrency in one country that not effect bitcoin transaction. Because its not a centralized currency.

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