5 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets You Must Know

Here We Shown 5 amazing smartphone gadget you must know. We everyone know everyday technology is growing. So there are lots of gadget launching daily basis and we cant able to track everything in one article. So Here we are presenting you  5 amazing smartphone gadget you must know.

1. Chaargo

Chaargo is a wireless charger and you Just put your phone on top of Chaargo and charge.So charge Wirelessly, no cables. As simple as that.It contains a big 4000mAh Li-ion battery. Chaargo is using the newest Qi 1.2 technology, that guarantees fast charge, the same as a USB wall adapter.

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2. Pickit

Pickit is a mobile photo printer that will help you to capture and print every movement instantly.The One-Touch Personal Photo Booth That Makes Sharing Precious Moments Anytime And Anywhere So Damn Easy. If you need to order this or know more then click below link

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3. Phree

Phree is a pen that lets you write, sketch, annotate and express yourself in countless other ways. On virtually any surfact. Phree supports all major phone, tablet and PC operating systems.Phree’s design is symmetric for writing and fits both left handed and right handed users, so there is no difference between right- and left-handers when Phree is used together with a device screen, like mobile phone, laptop or tablet – its most frequent use.

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4. Selflash

Selflash is a Smart light, Storage, Charger and Tracker. It support both ios and Android Platform. Selflash is the worlds first in cross platform smart light ring. Flash, Light, Store and Playback on IOS, Android & Windows devices.


5. Grip Gear Movie Maker

Grip Gear allows you to shoot professional-quality videos with any small cam. Turn your small cam into a mobile movie set.With Grip Gear, you become the director. Anytime. Anywhere. If you need to buy it then click below link

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